Program sustain&innovate 2021

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021, 9:50 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

  • 09:50–10:00 CET

    Astrid Schlüchter, SPORTSFASHION by saz & SAZsport

  • 10:00–10:40 CET
    The Future of Nylon – A Sustainable Approach

    René Bethmann, VAUDE Academy for Sustainable Business

    Nylon is after Polyester the predominant material in sportswear. The presentation will highlight basic information about the different Nylon types and show how novel biobased Nylon types can offer new performance attributes including their environmental footprint. In addition to known recycling schemes, novel options are also shown. Learn how Nylon can work in a circular economy with its End-of-Life options and take along a future outlook.


    René Bethmann has been a textile & apparel engineer for more than 14 years in the sportswear industry. He has worked for several leading brands across Europe in the field of product and material management. Currently he´s working at VAUDE as Innovation Manager, where his focus lies on biopolymers and recycling strategies.

  • 10:40–11:40 CET PANEL
    Sustainable Nylon: Where does raw materials coming from and what makes them more sustainable?

    Anna Rodewald, GreenRoomVoice

    We will look into potential incoming supply chains, the chances and potential risks in these materials. Take the chance to ask urgent question beforehand until November 20th.


    Anna Rodewald has more than 25 years of experience as engineer focussing on functional fabrics and sustainability in textile industry. Since 2013 she is running her own business and is involved as partner in
    GreenroomVoice is a platform for responsible communication. It features brands and products on it’s website, in showcases and workshops on key trade shows. Via the GRV Transparency Tool brands can communicate their performance around environmental and social responsibility and visualise this message.

  • 11:40–12:10 CET
    Circularity, Sustainability and Sensibility

    Sean Tindale, Polygiene

    Without a focus on prolonging the life of garments and products, circularity is a broken loop. Find out how Polygiene is helping close the loop and help brands to capitalize on their sustainability messaging in a sensible, easy-to-understand manner for their end consumers.

    Sean is currently the CMO of Polygiene and brings with him an extensive background in Brand and Marketing, including some well-known, global retail brands such as VERO MODA and ECCO. Prior to moving to Denmark at the end of 2012, Sean founded and led a Brand and Creative Agency in South Africa for nine years, working with some renown international FMCG brands and some of Africa’s Leading FMCG and consumer goods businesses. Sean now lives in the far South-West corner of Denmark with his wife and three children, where they enjoy the nature of the Danish West Coast, and the community living benefits of a small town. Sean is committed to helping craft a more mindful approach to living through turning consumables into durables through a sensible and accessible approach.

  • 12:10–12:40 CET

    Aran Sagee, NILIT

    As the largest nylon 66 filament provider in the textile industry, we see it as our own commitment to actively shape and influence the future of the textile, sportswear and fashion industries in a responsible and sustainable way. We are always striving to reduce our environmental impact while creating beautiful and innovative products in an eco-friendly way – for a better today and tomorrow!

    Sensil® is a smarter choice for all those who want to be part of the sustainable solution.


    Sagee Aran was appointed Head of Global Marketing Department at Nilit® in November 2018. Prior to that, he held the position of VP Sales of Nilit®-Israel since July 2017. Before coming to Nilit®, Sagee held senior management positions for 20 years in the software, bio-tech, and solar energy industries, with extensive experience in emerging high-tech industries, with vast international business execution.


  • 12:40–13:40 CET PANEL
    Nylon: leveraging sustainability and durability

    Sophie Bramel, Freelancer

    When it comes to sustainability we often talk about barriers, responsibilities and laws. But what if there was a possibility to keep the fun and still make economical and environmental conscious productions?

    Circularity could be the key. Yes, we are all sure that „less could be more“ and we should design to last – but if we keep resources in the loop we could still produce new collections that reflect the zeitgeist. So let’s take a little deep dive into the world of circular economy.


    Sophie Bramel is a freelance journalist who has been writing on smart textiles, sportswear and fashion for the past twenty years. Consultant Technical Editor for World Sports Activewear (WSA), she has also authored several books on the history, development and future of functional fibers and fabrics.

  • 13:40–14:10 CET
    Laying the Groundwork for Circularity: COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® EcoMade fibres, now from 100% Textile Waste

    Dr. Huw Williams, the LYCRA Company

    As we know, textile waste is an enormous problem for society, with around 1 garbage truck of used textiles per second going to landfill.  Within the textile manufacturing industry, the problem is also significant, but perhaps less spoken about; each garment created generates 20-30% of its weight in cutting waste, hence equivalent to one truck of waste every 3-5 seconds.  To help address this issue, The LYCRA Company is now providing performance fibres made from 100% textile waste, with the same quality and performance as their virgin counterparts but with a lower carbon footprint.   The Outdoor and Active industries are invited to join us in learning more about these fibres and how, together, we can help address the textile waste problem at commercial scale.


    After completing his D.Phil at Oxford University, Huw has worked for the last 30 years in the Apparel, Home Textiles and Carpets industry.  He is currently responsible for the polyester and other specialty business at The LYCRA Company, has passion for sustainability and enjoys outdoor sports.

  • 14:10–15:10 CET
    Is the Industry moving fast enough towards Sustainable Goals?

    Dr. Pamela Ravasio, Shirahime


    Pamela is specialised in corporate governance and responsibility (CR), with a strong link to innovation processes and digitalisation. She has worked as a consultant with very small and very big companies, and also taken on corporate roles as Global Stakeholder Manager, and as Head of CSR & Sustainability. Under her leadership, the European Outdoor Group and the outdoor industry in Europe at large, developed into a global leader in future-proofing an industry which is dominated by SMEs, private capital and family companies. Pamela champions transparency and an inclusive approach to all partners along the value chain, and leverages the opportunities arising from public facing accountability.

  • 15:10–15:40 CET
    Nylon - some of its many current and future sustainable solutions

    Daniela Antunes, FULGAR

  • 15:40–16:20 CET
    Nylon - can it be the sustainable future?

    Charles Ross

    Synthetics have come in for much stick in recent years on the back of the micro-fibre pollution of the ocean, especially when combined with them coming from a petro-chemical source. However the more that polyamides are examined, the more they are recognised that their future is bright as an ideal partner for Outdoor & Sports Apparel. Added to the fibre characteristics is the changing priority of the user. This presentation will examine the way the situation is improving. There is still a definite place for nylon in the mix…


    Having exchanged being an Outward Bound Instructor for the warmth of indoors, Charles has helped teach the next generation of designers for two decades now. Sustainable through longevity is a core principle.